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You will feel a warmth when you open your eyes, your eyes will be dazzled, the sun has started to rise.

Nice watches that we missed always, you can catch on the boat, wait quietly for the sun to show his face.
Face wash should like every morning, but now in the see…

You can not walk total 7-8 m2 before you land on your feet, can not g oto shop. But you can talk with your friends, read books which cant read in a long time, plays charades, plau tabu, play scrable, try to catching a fish, you enter the see more and often of all time.

When it is time to leave another sun to brighten the sky, the time is in the evening.

It is time for the sun to brighten up another sky when it is time to leave. Take your wine glasses and get a feeling of being attracted to a coffin with the notes poured out of your friend’s guitar, become a smile, become sadness, be love.

After the dining, you can tell your songs under the sky full of stars. Neighboring boats anchored will accompany you.

If you have a friend who is playing with you at the times when the moon begins to be born, the moon is born with a lot of breezy sounds, so sleep is coming in time when you come to yourself.

Have a nice trip with the the most beautiful tone of blue..


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