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I wanted to give you some insight to persons who are the first time on cruise or can’t decide with this writing.

Let’s examine blue cruise,

-Blue cruise preparations starts March and Februrary. Why? If you want to find good boat, you should discover and start reservation in these months. It’s impossible to find boat weekly during summer monhts, if you dont have someone who is interested with blue cruise.
(Of course, this detail is valid for group trip on boat. If you will plan trip with your love, renting a cabin is easier)
I went with a group friends for years, and so this case more enjoyable for me.

Strictly, the bigger boat and so greater the comfort. You should see photos of cabin and boats in your survey. I prefer wide having normal flush cabin although i dont sleep in the cabin in the nights. ( Boats cabins have two type toilets as normal flush and pump, It’s fact, normal flush toilets are much more comfortable than others)

I have lots of friends who sleep in cabin on blue cruise, but sleeping on the deck is the most zestful thing. Sleeping is under the stars is more beautiful than sleeping is call the best!
Of course, there are things that need to be made this wonderful sleep. You can sleep on the cushion which use for sunbathing on the days, but you should somethings for protection the moisture. I prefer yoga mat for this and sleeping bag. (Especially, Decathlon store has mats and sleeping bag besides affordable price.

You don’t need to take lot of clothes for blue cruise, except for daily necessities and cosmetics; 2 pairs of slippers, lots of shorts, t-shirts, swimwear and extra towels are enough. (Sometimes, when you sailing between bays, towels and swimwears which are hanging to dry)

Eating is the very important detail during the blue cruise. My advise to you, if you will plan blue cruise with your friends, you should shop with co-decisions on Migros Online Store. Migros cars brings to the boat with your purchases.

Puzzle books, books of Agatha Christie and Stephen Kings are the my favorites on the boat. An evening dinner with crew made happy with employees, and enjoyable moments to you.

Tips which is given when leaving the boat helps to good relationships for the trips in following years.


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