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Sea is our life

Its name is known in ancient times as Pamphylia, Lycia and Karya, which is located in the south of the Aegean region and almost all of the Mediterranean. Perhaps, the most beautiful and relaxing holiday. It shouldn’t be understood only as a pleasure and entertaintment trip.

Blue cruise is an exciting and so relaxing, different and nostalgic holiday that embraces the history of the Mediterranean, from the Fatimiler to the Kartacalılar, from Rome to the Ottomans. The name of the Blue cruise was given by some intellectuals living on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. And this trip was carried out in order to promote the primitive cultures of the region

Overtime, the understanding of made of blue cruise holiday has changed. Blue cruise is a escape from the city for some people, otherwise is the understaing of luxury vacation for some people. Sometimes, blue cruise is the best type of living sunset. And is the eating the most delicious fish, enjoying drinks and appetizers. Finding the opportunity for read the book which is the can not book for a long time. Walk around deserted bay with your love at the sunset, lie on the beach ve swim in the cool waters.

Watch for time in the Blue cruise, watch the sunset with photo take the camera, read a book, play cards, ready to drink and drink on the deck or hammock or watching the sea whatever you want to drink.

If you feel like it get up early, go to sea before sunrise, take a dip, collect shells, grap the fish before anybody wakes up.

Sun in clothes you want!

Feed the fish rising pieces of bread after dinner, gather around the boat.

Examine the map and find your location, look at the clouds, feel the air, talk with captain, to share memories, listen to your favorite songs,

Watch lighthouses, walk around the antique areas. Watch sides and far aways with scope of boat. State one’s opinion about flag of other boats.

Work on new shapes of the node with ropes of boat, increase knowledge of the maritime, make plans of purchasing a boat.

If you get bored in the cabin, lie on the deck with sleeping-bag.

Before the feel a sleep watch stars until you cannot see in the city, go for a walk in the moonlight, watch a sea sparkle.Take newspaper which is the ordering place like Göcek from service boat, solve puzzle sluggradly. Boating with sound of shovel on the deserted bays.
All aboard,
I call to you best feel of the life, feeling of waking up on the sea. Blue cruise is the taste that should have happened at once.
Cabins on the cruise is usually use for put wares because anyone dont want to sleep in the cabin. Chaise cushions are arranged on the deck and pillow arises. You sleep wrapped in blankets, on the eve of the day of temperature to 30 degress.
You will feel a warmth when you open your eyes, your eyes will be dazzled, the sun has started to rise.

Nice watches that we missed always, you can catch on the boat, wait quietly for the sun to show his face.
Face wash should like every morning, but now in the see…

You can not walk total 7-8 m2 before you land on your feet, can not g oto shop. But you can talk with your friends, read books which cant read in a long time, plays charades, plau tabu, play scrable, try to catching a fish, you enter the see more and often of all time.

When it is time to leave another sun to brighten the sky, the time is in the evening.
After the dining, you can tell your songs under the sky full of stars. Neighboring boats anchored will accompany you.

Have a nice trip with the the most beautiful tone of blue..


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